The Perfect Fit

Jessica Childress

17 January - 2017

Suresh was an absolute lifesaver for me last week! I needed a rush alternation for a dress, and I called Suresh a day before I needed the actual alternation.  Needless to say, I was panicked that I would not have my dress in time for my big event.  Suresh assured me that it was under control.  Throughout the process, he provided EXCELLENT service, even coming out to my home to measure me for the dress.  Suresh’s company altered the dress in less than 24 hours, and the dress fit perfectly.  I cannot say enough great things about this company.  I will certainly use the company again based on the quality of work and the excellent customer service it provided.

Jessica Childress
The Childress Firm PLLC

Keri Devine

20 August - 2015

The suit Suresh worked on for us is tailored to fit perfectly and adds pizzazz to our bridal party attire. Before you shop at a big box store for your next power suit or special occasion attire, call Suresh!

I would highly recommend working with Suresh. He is professional and offers a wonderful selection of shirt and suit options. I am blown away by the quality of the work!

Kerri Devine
Sales Associate
Quinn’s Goldsmith

Danny Currie

9 August - 2015

Suresh has been a great contact through the years, his commitment to giving is just as strong as his commitment to his craft. The flexibility of having a personal tailor come to you really makes it easy to continue working with him.

The value and quality of the end product makes it easy to continue using his services.

Danny Currie

Mike J.

29 January - 2015

I will no longer use the tailoring service at a retail store. Suresh is an excellent tailor and does fantastic operations that are right the first time. Want to look great in your suit or slacks, you must trust Suresh.

Mike J.

Will Knox

27 January - 2015

To Anyone Who Needs To Look Their Best,

The suit and shirt I bought from Suresh rank highly among the best investments of my professional career. The clothes fit perfectly, are extremely comfortable and have stood up extremely well under years of heavy use and wear.

I bought the suit in celebration of completing my first year as a professional salesman in 2008. In the years that followed I noticed I had a consistently higher close rates whenever I wore the suit. I think the reason was that when I looked that good the confidence came through in my presentation and people just felt more comfortable buying from me.

Needless to say, I wore the suit as often as possible during the following years that I was in sales. Through the heat of Virginia summers and the cold of the winters, the suit was my go-to outfit because it was as comfortable as any suit at any temperature and was comfortable all the way through a 16 hour day.

Today it still looks good enough that when the time came two months ago for me to interview for a new position with a Berkshire Hathaway company, it was the only suit in my wardrobe I even considered wearing… and of course, I got the job. (Thanks Suresh!)

Quality doesn’t cost, it pays and my Khemlani suit probably has the highest ROI of any professional investment I’ve made. I highly recommend Suresh’s professional services to anyone whose job depends on looking their best.

Will Knox

Brian Swanson

27 September - 2014

Suresh has been my tailor for 5 years now, and he’s done a great job!  It is nice to have a face to face relationship with a tailor, so you can see the fabrics in person.  He is very professional, and the prices are reasonable too!  Call Suresh for men’s and ladies custom clothes.

Brian L. Swanson
Financial Advisor and Certified Financial Planner
First Command Financial Services, Inc.

John Francomacaro

10 October - 2013

Suresh is the first time I have ever used a tailor for custom made clothing. I have worried over costs and inconvenience.

Regarding price: You always get what you pay for. With Suresh, I am able to select fantastic fabrics. They seem to rejuvenate after wearing; I hang them up and my blazer looks rich with no wrinkles the next day. I feel very confident that I look crisp and professional—a cut above my store bought clothes.

The fitted look is different than the loose fit I have come accustomed to; I feel sharp.

Convenience; Suresh comes to my home and allows me to pick fabrics from a seeming infinite collection. He coaches me as to what would wear a long time (I want to wear these clothes for 20 years!!) while having that fine look. I want to actually feel into this fine look. I want to feel the ahhh… of being well dressed. The compliments people give me offer the assurance that I am successful.

I must also note that during this process, I lost 25 lbs. Suresh had to re-fit my clothes twice after the first measurements. He was very professional in making the fit perfect even with my changing body.

Suresh is a real pro. I value my relationship with him that is sure to endure a long time.

Steve Blasch

27 September - 2013

As a returning customer, I am very pleased with my second suit and set of shirts.  The quality and fit are superb and you cannot compete with the convenience of having service come to your home.

Becky Tate

4 June - 2012

Dear Suresh,

I wanted to express my appreciation for your time and expertise in the planning and making of my first blouse from CEO! I love it and look forward to wearing it proudly! I am so glad that we connected and I very much look forward to my next two and after that, much more! I’ll spread the word. Thank you so much!

Best regards,

Becky Tate

Brian Swanson

20 December - 2011

I just wanted to thank you again for the excellent work that you have done for me.  I now have purchased a custom suit, 15 custom shirts, and 12 ties, all of which have been outstanding!  Thanks again.

Brian Swanson
Financial Advisor

Beth Donnelly

1 September - 2011

I have for sometime been searching for a reliable and professional tailor and at long last am thrilled to have found Custom Executive Outfitters. Mr. Khemlani is the utmost professional, his work is impeccable and his pricing incredibly reasonable. Thanks much to his skill I have a whole new wardrobe and only had to shop my own closet for these great finds. I already blasted his name out to all of my friends via email and facebook as he is surely one of the best kept secrets in town.

Beth Donnelly
Health Coach and Personal Chef
The Regal Fig Food Co., LLC

Tim Reichert

9 August - 2011

I want to thank you for making a customized suit and several dress shirts to enhance my professional wardrobe.  I appreciate the fact that you worked around my busy schedule on several occasions and made it very convenient by making house visits to take measurements and to confirm the clothes would fit perfectly.  My overall experience was very positive, your pricing was fair and I would recommend your services to others.  Expect me to be a repeat customer.

Tim Reichert
CEO, Verigreen Energy & Light Solutions

Ella Kneesi

8 June - 2010

Suresh did a magnificent job tailoring my husband’s suit jacket. It no longer bulges at the neck, back or chest. It always looked like it was about to slip off his shoulders. Now that it is properly tailored (When it was bought, it was tailored at the time.) it looks like an expensive suit jacket. It fits like it was made special for him. Thanks Suresh for a job well done! If you or anyone you know needs any clothing tailored or altered do not hesitate to call Suresh.

Ella Kneesi

Tracey Eno

2 February - 2009

I have never owned a custom-tailored shirt; now I am spoiled! It fits perfectly. I would say that it fits like a glove, except that I’ve never had gloves that fit this well! Not only does it look terrific, it also makes me feel more confident to know how professional I look. Your attention to detail—all the measurements you took, the fine detail of the seams, the collar, and the cuff monogram—is exquisite. As you know, making a great first impression is very important. And looking my very best sends a strong message about my success and credibility. You really know how to help a businesswoman look sharp. (Now I don’t want to wear anything else!) Thank you, thank you!

Tracey Eno
Independent Associate, Pre-Paid Legal Services