Packaged Deals

Basic package

Suits for everyday use, customized for affordability using a wide selection of fabrics.

Single $1075
Double $2125
Wardrobe $2725
Shirts $520

Deluxe package

A step up from basic suiting, the deluxe package offers premium durability and style.

Single $1325
Double $2650
Wardrobe $3465
Shirts $625

Luxury package

Indulge yourself with a luxury package offering premium fabrics and a classy touch.

Single $1510
Double $3025
Wardrobe $3925
Shirts $730

Royal package

Fit for a king, designed exclusively for you: the royal package is the ultimate CEO look.

Suit $2125
Double $4250
Wardrobe $5505
Shirts $865

A Single package includes: 1 suit and 5 shirts
A Double package includes: 2 suits and 10 shirts
A Wardrobe package includes: 2 suits, 10 shirts, 1 blazer, 1 pair of slacks
A Shirts package includes: 6 shirts